Monday, 27 April 2015

Large-red explosion at last!.

After several days of decent sunny weather,albeit with cool nights,my wife Tracey and myself decided to head to Crowle and Thorne Moors NNR in North Linc's/South East Yorkshire,to hopefully survey numbers of the expected Large-red's and hopefully some Quads as well.
 After walking some decent habitat and finding nothing,we finally arrived at a good,warm,sheltered area of waterside woodland and there they were,at least two female Large-red Damselfly.
 At last we had recorded the very welcome first records of Odes for the year and as we continued our walk,more and more individuals where encountered with a whopping count of at least 1044 Large-red's at the end of our walk.This surpasses any count i have completed on the reserve in the past and really is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the remainders of this huge NNR.
 Also observed today were two individual Four-spot Chasers,another very welcome first for the year,but were impossible to get anywhere near for photos as they were inadvertently flushed and headed for the skies immediately.
 So with two species recorded today,Dragon season 2015 is eventually underway.
Female Large-red Damselfly of the form 'Fulvipes'.

Female Large-red Damselfly of the form 'Melanotum'.

Female Large-red Damselfly of the form 'Typica'.