Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Frampton RSPB Small red-eyes,Sunday 31st July 2016.

While visiting this fantastic reserve situated on the Lincolnshire side of the Wash,i was searching for a family party of Turtle Doves when i chanced upon 1 female and then 5 male Small red-eyed Damselflies sheltering along a stretch of hedgerow at the western end of the farm reservoir.
 The adjacent reservoir looks ideal with some large mats of algae on the surface which the species tends to favour.
 After speaking to site manager John Badley,the species had been recorded about 5 years ago in a separate area of the reserve and may have colonised the reservoir in the mean time,but they also may be fresh immigrants.The species still has not established itself properly in the north of the county as far as i'm aware.
 The species was originally found at three sites on the Essex coast as recent as 1999.
A delicate little species compared to it's larger cousin.This individual is resting on a Sycamore leaf.

Features to look for on close inspection include the tomato red eyes,paler legs than Red-eyed Damsel,diffuse antehumeral stripe on the black side/top to the thorax and short spur with a dot on the thorax side.

Comparison photo of Small red-eyed Damselfly above and Red-eyed Damselfly below.