Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Pyrrohosoma nymphula,Saturday 21st April 2018.

With the previous week being relatively warm and settled and after grabbing a few hours of sleep after my nightshift,myself,along with Dave and Andy decided to visit Crowle NNR to see if we could find any emergent Large-red Damsels.
 We checked all the usual sheltered spots,but it was hard work at first to be fair until we crossed over the bailey bridge onto Thorne Moors,when the temperature began to warm and we at last found the first Large-red of the new season.More sighting's followed and a decent number were also found on the Crowle side of the NNR,great stuff.
 This mirrors last years efforts at finding the species,but 12 days later,last year being an exceptionally early year.Roll onto more species emerging over the next few weeks.
 The following are the numbers recorded:

Thorne Moors : 17

Crowle Moors: 39

Female Large-red Damselfly Of The Form 'Typica'.

Female Large-red Damselfly Of The Form 'Typica'.

Amazing Eyes.

I Managed To Find This Individual Covered In Willow Pollen,Making For An Interesting Photographic Subject.