Thursday, 12 July 2018

Beautiful Demoiselle's,North Yorkshire.....Sunday 8th July 2018.

After spending the morning watching the stunning raptors at the excellent Wykeham Forest raptor viewpoint,Dave and myself travelled into part of the valley we had been viewing visiting beautiful Troutsdale and superb Forge Valley.
 We had come in the search of one of the UK's most stunning insects,the Beautiful Demoiselle.
 After parking beside the River Derwent at Hilla Green,we began to explore the river bank,walking along towards Wrench Green.
 And after some serious looking,i spotted a single male as he flicked along the river in all his metallic glory.These really are special insects and we spent a good twenty minutes taking some images as he posed on some vegetation beside his territory.
 This was Dave's first sighting of the species and only the second time I had seen them at Hilla.
 After watching this single male,we travelled over to Forge Valley to search the river here.
 Sure enough,as on previous visits,I managed to find some insects,this time recording 4 individuals,3 males and a single female,what a fantastic sight they are and a great privilege to watch.
 These are the nearest breeding population to my hoe in North Linc's,so it is nice to catch up with them on the annual visits up here.
Hilla Green On The River Derwent,Troutsdale.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle,River Derwent,Troutsdale.

Male Beautiful Demoisele,River Derwent,Troutsdale.

Male Beautiful Demoiselle,River Derwent,Troutsdale.

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